BIAKI New York Wooden Doors

Wooden Doors

We have a long-standing relationship with BIAKI New York. They are building the finest wooden doors in the industry, and we partner with them through the process.

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From abrasives and adhesives to stains and colors, we supply them with our products to help them produce some of the finest works of art we’ve ever seen.

The process starts with rough, high quality wood, which is planed down to the right dimensions. Then our abrasives are applied to sand down the surface to a smooth finish.

The Panels are then glued in place to the frame using our high-end wood glues.


After the components are assembled, stain is applied to all surfaces, in order to bring out the life in the wood. It enhances the grain, color and beauty. It also serves to protect the wood. A clear, protective coating is applied to preserve all the workmanship and the beauty of the door for years to come.