Industries Served

Wood Furniture Manufacturing

EMCO has serviced the wood furniture industry since 1935 back when Jamestown New York was well known as the furniture capital of the United States.

Kitchen Cabinetry Manufacturing

Kitchen Cabinet manufactures are offering the most custom finishes on the market today.

Hospitality Furniture Manufacturing

Hospitality Furniture otherwise known as Hotel Furniture is where you will find some of the most unique finishes in furniture designs from New York City to a Ski Lodge in Utah all the way to the Caribbean.

Wood Components Manufacturing

Suppliers of components to the woodworking industry are also large users of finishing materials, glues and abrasives. These components may include draw boxes, wood turnings, moldings, carvings or dimension panels.

Metal Fabrication Industries

EMCO serves the metal fabrication industry in the cleaning of metal parts to finishing, polishing, sanding and grinding applications.