Spray Booth Coatings

Spray booth coating is a paint film that is spray-applied to the walls and ceiling of an industrial paint booth. This coating eases clean up of overspray in the work area by allowing the user to peel the soiled film from the entire wall and remove the overspray with it. It is available either white or clear. On walls, the white provides reflectance for a brighter work area to show details of the work piece and allow the technician a better opportunity to avoid defects in the finish. The clear is used to protect lenses over light fixtures in the ceiling or booth walls. Rather than having a technician spend hours scraping or wiping the lenses to clean them, simply peel away the soil and reapply fresh coating.

EMCO offers booth coating in both solvent base (EMCOLOPE product# 2799) and water base (AQUALOPE product# 4304).